D413 FAQ’s

1Who is the D413 for?

There are many elements that can be associated with asbestos management within any organisation, which often involve many people who fulfil multiple roles. These roles are often not considered to be directly associated with asbestos and its management.

The D413 course has been specifically designed for those who may, through the course of their work, be involved in the asbestos management processes. As an example, this may include Estates and Project Managers, Facilities Managers, Caretakers and the like. Roles like these have many responsibilities but will invariably have some involvement in ensuring that asbestos risks have been suitably assessed and managed before allowing other works to proceed.

2What type of Course is the D413?

The D413 is an on-line course made up of 7 individual modules covering many aspects of how to manage asbestos and includes all you will need to know to pass and receive your qualification. Each module contains instructional presentations and quizzes to test your understanding of the training and information provided. Each module must be completed before continuing onto the next one.

3What is the D413 Course content?

The course is made up of the following 7 modules:

  • Module 1 Introduction 
  • Module 2 Legislation and Guidance Documents 
  • Module 3 The Asbestos Management Plan 
  • Module 4 Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’S) 
  • Module 5 The Asbestos Register 
  • Module 6 Working with Asbestos Containing Materials 
  • Module 7 Controlling all Work


4How long does the D413 Course take?

The course is designed to allow you to either dip in and out to fit around your normal working life or can be done continuously completing one module at a time. You have 90 days from registering to complete all modules and the final assessment. If taken continuously it is estimated that the modules would take 2 days to complete.

5What is the assessment process for the D413?

When you have completed all of the 7 modules, you will need to submit a final assessment. This must be completed within 90 days of registering for the course. This is an open book assessment.

The assessment comprises of approximately 6 scenario-based questions which have been sub-divided to provide clarity on the answers required. The marks applicable for each part of the question are shown. This should act as a guide to the depth of answer required. It isn’t necessary to write large amounts of text and in some instances one or two sentences will be sufficient. It is not envisaged that the answer to any question should require more than one standard page of text. Direction is given in some instances to relevant HSE Guidance which can be reviewed to assist with answers provided. This is to reflect the approach which would be expected in a real-life situation when researching the most appropriate way to deal with required activities.

All answers provided must be your own work. These can be guided and assisted using your research of available sources of documented guidance however should not be influenced or assisted by discussions with others.

6How long does it take to receive my Qualification Certificate?

Once the completed assessment has been received, assessed and found to be satisfactory you should receive your certificate within a week. All certificates are electronic and will be sent by email using the details provided when registering for the course.

7What Assistance and Resources are available for the D413?

The course is self-contained and copies of all HSE Guidance and other applicable reading material are provided. You can access these course files/documents which form the resources library by going to files on the menu bar at the top of the page once inside the course. If you have any issues or need support, you can get in touch by clicking the course title on the top left of the screen, and then using the messages menu bar at the top of the page when logged in to the course. Alternatively, assistance can also be provided by emailing: trainingsupport@asbestoscompliance.co.uk

8How much does the D413 cost?

The complete cost is £500 which consists of £350 for the course and an examination fee of £150