Project Management

Nobody likes to pay more for any service than they have to. But neither does anyone like to find costs escalating having found a bargain! Bit like booking the deal of a lifetime flight for only £99 to find if you want a seat that is extra, and luggage isn’t included, meals are only £20 each and there is a charge for booking, plus a payment fee……

Sound familiar?

So how do you prevent this escalation of costs?

By involving an expert project manager early within the scheme the removal costs can be defined and fixed. Today is your lucky day as ACL can provide this very service.

We can provide advice and assistance in many forms each of which is tailored to the individual needs of the scheme, these include:

  1. Evaluation of the potential impact that asbestos could have on a proposed scheme
  2. Tendering and specification for asbestos removal works
  3. Project managing asbestos removal projects to ensure the quality and safety of the work undertaken
  4. Tendering and specifications for asbestos surveys and monitoring works, including quality assurance for the works undertaken
  5. Quality control checks on asbestos processes and works including surveys, analytical works and asbestos removal
  6. Asbestos surveys to HSG 264 (Management and Refurbishment/Demolition)
  7. Organising Air Monitoring (Background, Leak, Reassurance, Clearance and Personal)
  8. Organising Bulk Analysis of samples for the presence of asbestos

Whatever stage your scheme is at we can provide assistance to ensure you obtain value for money and the quality of service you require. Why wait, contact us today.